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Here is What You Could Make with a Mosquito Control Franchise

Author: Mosquito Squad

While you may understand the low costs associated with opening your own pest control company with Mosquito Squad’s proven franchising process, you may be wondering: How much can I expect to make with a Mosquito Squad location when all is said and done?

In 2020, Mosquito Squad’s franchisees and their teams collectively brought in over 70 million dollars in revenue. We also had a high success range among its new franchise agreements throughout the year, even during the craze brought by the pandemic.

While the average pest control owner can make as much as $55,000 as an utterly independent owner and operator, Mosquito Squad’s franchise owners can make a total investment of $65,800 - $86,925 after just one year of opening a new location.

Of course, an investment like franchising isn’t passive and won’t get your return on investment overnight. Still, as a qualified franchisee equipped with the right tools and support, you’ll be able to achieve the goals you want for your mosquito control company – and so much more.

Pest Control Franchising is Profitable

Mosquito Squad’s franchising process can be applied to virtually any type of pest control company you own or are looking to open up. Our pest control franchises continue to be an excellent add-on for owners, helping them increase the value of their business and annual revenue at the same time.

Not only is the demand naturally high during the mosquito season for control services, but it’s also only going to increase with the recent growth seen in mosquito populations across the globe. While our team can offer everything needed to start up your mosquito and pest control franchise wherever you want, certain factors can affect the ultimate success of your pest control company, albeit in franchising or on your own.

Some factors that can affect how much your pest control franchise can make include:

  • Size of territory
  • Willingness to adapt and learn
  • Number of leads
  • Local competition
  • Amount of equipment
  • Amount of returning business
  • Pre-established customer base (if applicable)
  • Marketing presence
  • Training and support plan
  • Employee retention plan

Besides the industry-leading produce and recognizable branding that comes with franchising, you’ll have the answers and support needed to avoid some of the most common pitfalls and paint points that

come with starting a new pest control company or choosing to franchise.

Opening the first Mosquito Squad location in 2005, our team and franchising processes have successfully worked with hundreds of different owners over a decade and a half to expand our and their businesses and international franchise opportunity into what it is today.

Aside from our proven processes that help ensure success, our low investment costs help you gain profit quicker than other home service franchises may.

Ready to Open a Mosquito Squad Location in Your Neck of The Woods?

If you can agree that a good mosquito is a dead one and want to take advantage of the many benefits of Mosquito Squad’s franchising opportunity, reach out to our team today – we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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