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How To Expand Your Pest Control Business

Author: Mosquito Squad

If you have owned an established pest control company, you may be looking to expand it further. Whether you’re looking to increase your revenue streams, expand your team, or grow your reach, converting your business into a franchise may be the best option. This helps you have the support of a trusted, authentic, and proven brand while delivering the high-quality service you and your team are already known for.

If you’re just searching for a pest control franchise that is authentic, trusted, and strong, we’re confident we’ll find a place for your company in the Mosquito Squad network of owners. Utilizing proven operations, the trusted Mosquito Squad name, and innovative science-backed solutions, we’re able to help your business unlock its full potential and reach new heights!

Proven Operations & Trusted Name

Mosquito Squad helps our owners succeed using our proven tools and operations. Beginning with an initial week-long training session, we’ll give you access to everything you need to grow your business and integrate your current process with our authentic branding and national marketing. With over 200 locations established, our practices have been perfected by hundreds of locations nationwide are ready to be the foundation of your business in 2021 and beyond.

Not only do you obtain a trusted name that already gives you the authority you may have been needing, but you also get to know a dedicated Mosquito Squad Support Team. We never leave owners on their own – we’re here to help you however you need it. We know the challenges new franchisees face and we’ll be there to ensure your business remains profitable and efficient throughout each season.

Innovative Solutions

Mosquito Squad was founded on innovation. Beginning with our innovative Protective Barrier Treatment, a method that many companies have tried to replicate but have failed to do it like us, we continue to perfect our mosquito and tick solutions, providing a better product for our customers.

As we grew and learned that customers enjoy having more than one option when it comes to pest control, we have formed a wide variety of options, including EPA-approved natural treatments that ensure the safety of families and their furry friends.

When you choose Mosquito Squad as your next franchise investment or business conversion, you gain access to these sought-after and advanced methods of pest control. These allow you to grow your seasonal revenue, as well as provide your current customers an even better pest control option.

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When you’re ready to become a part of the team that is continuing the change what the pest control industry looks like for business owners and customers alike, be sure to explore our current franchise opportunities and give us a call at (888) 996-6499">(888) 996-6499 or contact us online to get started.