Capricia Turner, Mosquito Squad Of Greater Indianapolis

Capricia Turner and the Mosquito Squad team of Greater Indianapolis

Capricia Turner, like so many of us, wears lots of hats. Army National Guard. Mom. Business Owner. MBA. She opened Mosquito Squad of North Indy in 2013 when she was 29—and with a three-month old and a one-year old. Since opening, Capricia has been able to grow her Mosquito Squad franchise from one location to three and now serves 1,100 customers with 14 staff.

There are three main reasons why Capricia loves being a part of the Mosquito Squad.

First and foremost is the team. “Being in the military we’re part of a team and being franchisees, this is our team. Yes, we’re business owners but it’s still a structured system with great support. At the annual meeting, we come together and we talk about different strategies, mistakes that we’ve made in the past, and strengths that can help us in the future,” she says.

Being a seasonal business owner also achieves several personal goals Capricia has. Not only does she get to set a great example of leading a woman-owned business for her daughters, the seasonality gives her time to spend with them. Every parent knows what it means to be able to drop your kids off and pick them up from school every day.

The time commitment also allows her the flexibility to stay on active duty with the National Guard, participating in five to six weeks a year on orders and completing 12 drill weekends each calendar year. In 2018, when Capricia was deployed to Afghanistan, she was able to leave the business in capable hands because of this built-in flexibility. Capricia says franchising is perfect for veterans because they love structure. Franchisors provide operations manuals that are basically a structural roadmap for owning a business.

Capricia’s husband, Ethan, owns 49% of the business and is also an AGR (Active Guard Reserve) for the Air Force National Guard. “I’m a huge family man. I love my kids more than anything in this world, so owning our own business gives me that time with the family that I cherish so much. I’ve been in the military for 18 years. I love the structure of the organization. I love the accountability. But at the same time, answering to someone is something I’ve been so accustomed to and I’m getting tired of it. So I am finally my own boss and I don’t have to answer to anyone except Capricia. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Learn more about Ethan and Capricia

Give us a call at (888) 996-6499 or fill out our online form. We invite you to learn more about our opportunities to franchise with Mosquito Squad.

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