Hidden Water Sources in Your Yard that Invite Mosquitoes to Breed

mosquito on skin

Mosquitoes love to find the most inconvenient spots to lay their eggs and multiply, especially considering it can take as little as four days for mosquitoes to become adults. You may be surprised to discover that hidden water sources in your yard offer enough water to sustain mosquitoes.

Septic Tanks

Did you know that thousands of mosquitoes may breed in a single sewage tank? Mosquitoes can lay eggs in sewage tanks that have been damaged or are not properly sealed. Every day, swarms of mosquitoes emerge as adults from sewage tanks that have been compromised in some way.

septic tank

If your septic tank meets these criteria, mosquitoes may be laying eggs in it:

  • Unsealed or open
  • Cracked or broken components
  • Exhaust pipe screen cover is missing.

Be sure to check your septic tanks regularly to ensure that they are not compromised.

Ponds, Puddles, and Still Water

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Decorative ponds might be visually appealing but also serve as a prime mosquito breeding ground. We don't mean to dampen your enthusiasm; an adequately maintained pond can be a beautiful addition to any property. You can help prevent mosquitoes in your pond by adding an aeration system.

Mosquitoes, who lay their eggs in still water, mean that puddles are another nuisance. Make sure that your property has plenty of drainages to ensure that stagnant water isn't possible.

Various Pots and Planters

You may have standing water in your yard if you have potted plants with saucers or empty flowerpots. When it rains, empty your pots, planters, and saucers. If you have unused containers hanging around, store them upside down to avoid collecting water.

Tires and Tire Swings

Old tires are a mosquito breeding habitat in the making. They provide mosquito larvae with a warm, humid environment to develop. Old tires quickly fill up with water. Tire swings should have holes drilled into the bottom to allow for easy drainage.

Bowls for Pets

Your pets need to stay hydrated, but don't let their outdoor bowls sit for too long. Remember, it only takes an inch of water for most mosquitoes to breed, and a dog bowl is a prime mosquito habitat. You'll certainly want to limit mosquitoes in your yard with this hidden water source because infected mosquitoes can transmit heartworms to your beloved canine companion.

Effective El Paso Mosquito Control

Know that you've learned about some of the hidden water sources favored by mosquitoes. Check out the 7 Ts of Mosquito Control. These tips will help deter mosquitoes on your property, but when you want to ensure that you and your family won't be on a mosquito's menu, get Mosquito Squad of El Paso's Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment. This proven and reliable mosquito control will help prevent these pests from taking up residence on your property for up to 21 days.

Prevent mosquitoes from overtaking your yard by using the 7 t's of mosquito control. Remove as many water sources as possible to keep those little pests from multiplying. Mosquito Squad of El Paso can reduce the mosquitoes in your yard by up to 90%. Call us today or contact us online to request a free quote.