Heavy Mosquito Populations Expected Due to Recent Rainfall


Heavy Mosquito Populations Expected Due to Recent Rainfall

A slow start to the monsoon season has been nice over the summer. More time outdoors without the need for umbrellas. With the changing seasons, the monsoon has settled upon the area, with a rise in the mosquito population. Peak mosquito season is here. Prepare yourself.

Avoid the Mosquito Population Boom

As annoying as it might be, we aren’t out of the woods regarding the mosquito population. As the rains bring in extra water for them to repopulate, mosquitoes will become more aggressive. The cooler weather will also fall in their favor, giving them ample time to move about in the day and twilight hours.

Keeping an eye out for areas that collect water is important for mosquito control around your home. If you live near a monsoon drain or storm drainage system, anything that collects the water runoff, you’ll need to monitor those areas for stagnant water. These are preferable places for mosquitoes to breed as they often provide cover from going under roads and ample places for water to puddle.

Get Mosquito Control Before Peak Mosquito Season Hits

There is some relief to be had. Mosquito control can help mitigate a fair majority of the mosquito population around your home. You can start with the 7 T’s of Mosquito Control. These helpful steps will aid you in finding hidden mosquito habitats around your property to reduce their population. Let Mosquito Squad of El Paso help you with that last step, treat. By hiring experts in mosquito control, we can help protect your family from that annoying itch. Mosquito Squad offers several treatment options to help reduce the mosquito population around your property. Two of our popular and long-lasting options are the Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment and the Natural Mosquito Treatment Option.

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Traditional Mosquito Barrier TreatmentA close up of a bug

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The most popular and trusted mosquito control option is our Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment. Since 2005, this ultimate mosquito control solution has protected against countless mosquitoes. One spray treatment will provide a 21-day barrier around your yard and reduces adult mosquitoes by up to 90%.

Natural Mosquito Treatment Option

Our natural mosquito repellent is perfect for those interested in a more holistic approach! The Natural Mosquito Treatment Option uses a non-toxic, non-synthetic solution to protect your property. This pleasantly smelling treatment uses essential oils to create a barrier that will last for up to 2 weeks and will reduce mosquitoes by up to 85%.

Why Rely on Mosquito Control?

Not only do the Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment and Natural Mosquito Treatment Options help reduce mosquitoes on contact, but you’ll be able to decrease possible exposure to mosquito-borne diseases that can affect your family and your pets as well. Though the US is not the highest worldwide for mosquito-related illnesses and deaths, they are common enough for it to be a concern. Using mosquito control and preventative measures is recommended to help reduce the risk of mosquito-borne disease exposure to you and your family.

Preparing for mosquito control is crucial to preventing your yard from being overtaken by these little biters. The recent amount of rain we have gotten can quickly increase the mosquito population. Follow the 7 T’s of Mosquito Control to begin the process. Call Mosquito Squad of El Paso to treat your yard as soon as possible to keep the problem from multiplying daily. We can reduce the mosquitoes in your El Paso yard by up to 90%. Contact us online or call today for your El Paso mosquito control needs.

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