Some mosquitoes are harmful because they spread germs while others only bother people, hence called “nuisance” mosquitoes. Nuisance mosquitoes bite people but do not cause any disease. The two reasons for mosquito control are to avoid nuisance mosquitoes and to lessen the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Mosquitoes can be terrible blood feeding nuisance yet not many people recognize the magnitude to which they can be a threat to human health. Health concerns are certainly not the only reason for mosquito control. Most of us have been driven indoors during a backyard picnic or cancelled our events altogether, because of the number of mosquitoes in the outdoors.

Summer is in all swing and we all enjoy outdoor activities during this time. Here are some of the fun activities that you can do in your backyard after getting rid of the nuisance mosquitoes:

  1. Toast Some Marshmallows

Gather your friends and family around and relish the warm summer nights with toasty marshmallows. Be sure to check if backyard firepits are legal in your area.

Marshmallow Grilled on Fire

  1. Enjoy With an Inflatable Pool

Inflatable pools of various shapes and sizes are available almost everywhere easily. So, enjoy a splash with your whole family!

Bestway - Child Pool 101 L, 102x25 cm - Babyshop.com

  1. Paint and Play

From above of crop anonymous little children sitting on grass and painting on small pumpkins

Painting is always fun when having a little picnic in your backyard. Do some finger painting, paint kids’ faces, get creative and pour down your very own magic!

  1. Blow Bubbles

Blowing bubbles can never get old or boring. It’s beautiful, kids love it, and surely is a lovely way to relax and enjoy your backyard scenery.

Beautiful Little Blonde Toddler Girl Having Fun With Blowing Soap Bubble  Blower. Cute Adorable Baby Child Playing On Stock Photo - Image of  carefree, children: 177449284

  1. Backyard Camping

Who doesn’t enjoy camping? When your backyard is free from mosquitoes, set the tent in your backyard, watch a movie, share ghost stories and have fun on a warm summer evening!

Fun Ideas for Backyard Camping