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America’s Original Mosquito and Tick Control Company Continues Atlanta Expansion

Atlanta, GA (March 15, 2021)Mosquito Squad, America’s original and guaranteed mosquito and tick control company, announced today its new location in East Atlanta, Georgia. Owned and operated by Georgia local, Sharee Ashford, Mosquito Squad of East Atlanta will provide the latest mosquito and tick protection to East Atlanta and surrounding communities.

An entrepreneur at heart, Sharee started her own business as a teenager by buying and selling products to her school peers. Today, Sharee is active in the Army and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, as well as a Master of Public Health. Gaining knowledge and professional skills in the military and during other community outreach activities has aided and given Sharee the confidence to now pursue other avenues of business ownership.

“I chose Mosquito Squad because I have an appreciation of the business model of providing a direct solution to a specific consumer issue,” says Sharee Ashford, owner of Mosquito Squad of East Atlanta. “My target goal with Mosquito Squad of East Atlanta is to expand and deepen relationships with customers in the community and progress to offering scholarships and opportunities for the young people who reside in communities that are serviced.”

Mosquito Squad uses mosquito control barrier treatments, larvicide and naturalsubstances to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks from yards and outdoor spaces. The brand helps protect families (and pets) from the nuisance and danger of mosquitoes and ticks by offering top-of-the-line services that help customers take back their yards, including:

  • Mosquito Control Barrier Protection – Acclaimed, trusted and dependable mosquito control solution that eliminates mosquitoes on contact and provides residual protection for up to 3 weeks
  • Automatic Misting Systems – Continuous mosquito control
  • Special Event Treatments – Barrier treatment applied about 24-48 hours prior to guest’s arrival that includes extra protection against biting, stinging insects
  • Tick Control – Effective blend of barrier treatment and tick tubes to eliminate ticks before they can get to you

Founded in 2005 and proud sponsor of Malaria No More, Mosquito Squad specializes in eliminating mosquitoes and ticks from outdoor living spaces so that homeowners can enjoy their yards, and outdoor living and dining spaces. Since Mosquito Squad’s partnership with Malaria No More, a nonprofit global health organization with the goal of ending malaria deaths in Africa, they have raised more than $300,000 to help fuel the fight against malaria.

For additional information on the services available through Mosquito Squad of East Atlanta check us out on Facebook, online, or call 404-637-2364.

About Mosquito Squad

With approximately 250 franchise locations in the United States along with international operations in Kenya and Indonesia, Mosquito Squad specializes in eliminating mosquitoes and ticks from outdoor living spaces, allowing consumers to enjoy their yards, outdoor living spaces, special events and green spaces. For more information, visit and Follow Mosquito Squad on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and trends.


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