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Credentials Matter

Credentials matter

John & Nicole’s Background

John & NicoleWe were clients of Mosquito Squad since the beginning of the business concept here in Cincinnati. We had two small children and Nicole was nursing and did not want to mist anything on her chest or body with a newborn. We also had demanding professional careers (John – Graduate of St. Xavier High School, Northwestern University -BA , Duke University – MBA and Nicole – Graduate of Purcell Marian High School, Hollins University – BA, Rice University – MBA). We wanted a service that would take care of our outdoor need for mosquito control, no questions asked. We needed to be covered with trust.

We all get bit A LOT.

Nicole with her childrenWe also enjoy cooking out and eating outside as much as we can but the moment we stepped out the door to turn the grill on, we would be eaten alive in the evening. Also, most people with small children do not want to mist OFF or other bug repellent on children only to have another burden of having the stinky mist all over them. Time suck.

Credentials Matter

Make sure any provider you use is licensed properly. Nicole has more licenses from the state of Ohio than needed and plans to add more. Why? So she can answer and research any question about the client’s yard. The more we know, the better we can train our service technicians and also respond in an educated and proactive manner. We offer both EPA registered products and a natural solution. We strive to ensure they are administered in a safe and effective manner. Do not treat this service as a commodity. You always have options but we are here to serve you. Satisfaction guaranteed. Our reputation is on the line.

Product Quality

We use the most advanced and lowest concentration per gallon of effective solution on the market. Not all services are the same even if they are advertising mosquito control. In general, this service is not an ‘Apples to Apples’ comparison. Many add on providers provide less service treatments and less quality.

It seems like a deal but you will not be satisfied with the results. There is NOTHING on the market that will last more than 2-3 weeks for mosquito control. Consistent treatment is key to controlling the mosquito population. Environmentally, we are focused on providing the most effective product in the safest manner.

Service Focus

We only focus on outdoor mosquito and other pest abatement. The bonus to this service, if delivered properly, is you likely do not need any indoor pest control because we take care of the problems before any indoor issues can happen. Outdoor pest / mosquito control is our core focus. It is what we do best.

Start Enjoying Your Yard Again

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