Reduce the Risk of Mosquito Breeding in 3 Simple Steps

Mosquitoes are so prevalent during the spring and summer months that they almost feel like they are an unavoidable part of the seasons. But there are things you can do to enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of mosquitoes. One of the most effective strategies is to reduce opportunities for mosquitoes to breed around your home. After all, the fewer mosquitoes being bred, the fewer you will have to deal with. Here are three easy-to-follow steps for helping to control mosquitoes in your Columbia-area neighborhood.

  1. Eliminate any standing water. Mosquitoes seek out old stagnant water for breeding purposes, so if you take away any sources of water, you can greatly reduce their opportunity to reproduce. Begin by looking for anything around your yard that might collect water. Buckets, cans, tarps and sheeting are just a fee examples of items that may seem harmless, but which can provide perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Empty water from those or better yet eliminate them from your yard altogether if possible. For items which may need to constantly have water like wading pools and bird baths, be certain you are regularly changing out the water.
  2. Remove weeds and excess vegetation. Shady areas offer refuge to mosquitoes, so by pulling weeds regularly and pruning shrubs, trees, bushes, and any other area which might provide the safety of shade, you are enacting an easy measure of mosquito control.
  3. Schedule a mosquito mist session. The absolute most effective way to kill mosquitoes and prevent new ones from breeding is to use a mosquito mist system like those offered by Mosquito Squad of Columbia. Many people assume that the mosquito mist products found at their local hardware store will do the trick, but the truth is, these products lack the correct active ingredients in the right concentration to be as effective as the barrier treatment products we use. For real results, you can trust our mosquito control products.

With these 3 easy steps, you can plan on spending more time in your yard this spring and summer without worrying about the annoying and persistent threat of mosquitoes. Watch out for water, pull those weeds, and contact Mosquito Squad of Columbia today for our mosquito misting services!