What You Need to Know If You See Swarmer Termites in Your Columbia Area Home

If you’ve never seen swarmer termites and you are unfortunate enough to have them in your home, it can be a scary sight. When a termite nest becomes full, termites will go off in search of a new home. If the termite population lives under your house, you may even see swarmers inside your home. In order for termites to swarm, they grow wings to aid them in searching for a new location.  If you see hundreds of winged flying insects near a bright window during the day, those indeed may be swarmers. Or, if you are away during the day and you come home to thousands of wings in a particular area of your home, then your home was likely affected by swarmer termites.

While seeing swarming termites is a clear sign a termite problem exists in the home, not seeing swarming termites doesn’t mean your home is termite free. If you do have termites, their nest may not yet have become full enough for swarmers to go in search of a new location.

When does swarmer season start? Frequent seventy degree days, after a rain, is the when Columbia SC swarmer season begins. We’ve had several 70 degree days already this spring so swarmer season may begin any time.

If you find swarmers in or around your home, you might want to observe whether the four wings each of these insects have are the same length (termite) or if the back two wings are smaller (ant).  Of course, given what is at stake in (costly damage to your home), call Mosquito Squad for a free termite inspection.  If you choose Mosquito Squad of Columbia to treat your home, we offer a termite damage guarantee which covers you for the lifetime of your home.

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