What Do You Do When the Fleas Are in Your Yard & Inside Your Columbia Home Also?

Fleas in your yard are a big concern and need to be dealt with, but what about when pets and children bring those pests inside the home and fleas start breeding on dog beds, in your carpet, or in other areas inside where you live? Adult fleas can jump 150 times their height and bite up to 400 times per day!  At Mosquito Squad of Columbia, we have a solution that takes into account all the places that fleas hang out, hide, and breed. Our goal is to rid your entire yard and home from fleas. Here’s how it works.

Our flea treatment series includes three outdoor treatments and is guaranteed for the season.  Mosquito Squad also offers indoor treatments at no extra charge when you find that these biting pests have invaded your home.  Fleas can be in egg, larva, pupa or adult stage and cannot be harmed when in pupa stage. Each indoor visit begins the day before by the customer vacuuming all carpets and furniture.   In addition to picking up any adult fleas, the vibrations of the vacuum stimulate the flea pupae to hatch into adult fleas.  Mosquito Squad’s treatment regimen includes products that will kill the flea larvae and adult fleas and prevent the eggs that are present from hatching.  Since fleas cannot be harmed in pupae stage, the multiple treatments are required in order to eliminate all the fleas.  Vacuuming before each of the three visits ensures we get all the flea pupae hatched and eliminated during the course of the treatments.  We will also treat the trash bin where the vacuum bag was emptied, to make sure we get rid of all the adult fleas.

The day we come to treat your yard, we recommend placing pet bedding and area rugs that may be affected outside on a deck or patio for treatment.  The sunshine will boost the treatment’s effectiveness and assist in killing the pests; and treating these items outside will allow them to dry more quickly.  If it’s not possible to remove these items, or there is no outdoor area to use, they can be treated indoors.  We will ask that you and your pets leave your home during treatment and for 30 minutes after the treatment is complete.  Once all three treatments are completed over a 3-4 week period, we recommend you professionally dry clean rugs and carpets to get rid of any trace of the infestation.

Let us take the hassle and inconvenience out of removing fleas from your home. Utilize Mosquito Squad of Columbia for all your insect and pest control needs.  We successfully treat and rid your yard and home of mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, fleas and termites.