Ready For Your Free Columbia SC Termite Inspection?

How do you know which termite company offers the best free termite inspection? One question to consider is whether the inspection is really totally free. Another question to consider is the value you’re getting from the inspection. This is based on both what they inspect and how well they perform the inspection. There certainly is a lot at stake given that damage, if found, affects the foundation of your home.

In the US, termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damage to homes every year.  The cost of termite repairs for an average home in the US is between $2,000 and $6,500.  Insurance will rarely cover this expense and it is the homeowner’s job to protect their investment.  You need to know how the inspections and services we offer will protect your home better than what other local and national companies offer.

The first thing you need to know about termites is that they are very hard workers.  Termites live in colonies and each worker has a role to play.  Some termites look for food; others bring food back to the colony, etc.  They are effective and efficient and can begin doing significant damage to a home within three months of setting up residence.  Using a termite control company that only visits and inspects your home annually may not prevent damage to your home in time.

According to the US Forestry Service, South Carolina is an area where homes have a high probability for termite damage.  The Midlands area of South Carolina lies in one of the most heavily termite infested regions in the nation.  Our climate is warm and moist, which many insects love, especially termites.  The Formosan termite has been in our state since the 1950’s when they first came from Asia through the port of Charleston on cargo ships.  The Formosan termite is also the specie that does the most damage to homes in the US.  Because of our climate and the presence of the Formosan termite, securing a good inspection is a necessity.

Our free termite inspection begins with our technician climbing under your home and using an LED camera to capture any issues that might be found below.  Whether we see termite activity, excessive moisture, or old activity of termite infestation no longer active, we will show it to you.  In addition, we will discuss the steps you can take to eliminate problems including any repairs that may be needed.

In order to monitor termite activity around your home, many termite companies will use bait stations.  These bait stations are used to detect termite activity and, upon detection, are loaded with a termiticide to begin eliminating termites immediately.

One of the most important differences in our service is how often we check our bait stations.  National termite control companies monitor termite infestation using bait stations.  These companies will tell you that an annual inspection is all that’s needed.  You know now that’s not true.  Mosquito Squad of Columbia checks your termite bait stations every three months.  If activity is found, we will discuss the options available to you based on the termite activity we find.  Sometimes bait stations alone will eliminate entire colonies if regularly replenished and the termites are found early.

In addition to frequent inspections, knowing that your termite control service will inform you quickly of any problems, as well as solutions, is very important.  Please see the photo from a home we inspected right after another termite company had inspected it two weeks earlier.  The previous company told the homeowner everything looked OK.  Our inspection using the LED imaging shown here unfortunately proved otherwise and that there was significant termite damage under their home.

Termite elimination and prevention may include refreshing bait stations, applying liquid termiticide, moisture control measures for your home and the repair of any existing termite damage.  Our free termite inspection is thorough and complete.  You will also find our price is often 40% less than what big national termite control companies charge.