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Put an End to Spiders & Unsightly Webs at Your Columbia SC Waterfront Home With Our Guaranteed Spider Control Program

Springtime is spider time here in Columbia, SC. Our mild winter paired with plenty of rain is already bringing the dreaded arachnids out in record numbers. A mild winter means more insects survived the cold season. It also means this year’s crop of spiders will have plenty to eat.  Spiders like to congregate around areas with water. The primary reason for this is because many insects need water to breed and populate. Since the spider’s diet consists of insects, they naturally will take up residence in areas with water nearby. This gives the meaning of the children’s nursery rhyme “the itsy bitsy spider” and how he climbed up the water spout.

The natural attraction of a spider to water is a major concern for our residents that have waterfront homes or who own a boat or dock. These type of structures are more likely to have a spider infestation.  In South Carolina alone there are more than 50 types of spiders that are common. Many of these varieties are poisonous. One bite from a spider such as a brown recluse can make you very sick and in some cases can even be fatal. Even if a spider is not poisonous it can become a nuisance that can quickly take over your porches, the exterior of your home, and even the interior.

Spiders are a huge problem on waterfront homes here in the Columbia area. Lake Murray in particular along with many smaller lakes and rivers are homes to many of our residents. Once spiders move into an area, it is hard to get rid of them. Spider webs, spider droppings and the spiders themselves can keep you from enjoying your home and the outdoors this season.

The good news is Mosquito Squad of Columbia offers an innovative satisfaction-guaranteed spider control program. We concentrate on getting rid of the spiders outside of your home so they don’t begin to nest. Gaining control over spiders outdoors is the key to keeping them out of your home. Our effective barrier treatment is applied at regular intervals throughout the spring and summer to eliminate spiders on contact and prevent  more from showing up during the entire season. We schedule our spider control mist every 21 days to put an end to your spider woes and all the unsightly webs they leave behind.

We do recommend power washing your home 24-48 hours prior to an application of our spider control if you have abundant spider webbing on the exterior of your home.  With our regularly scheduled Spider Control Program, spiders will not come back and this means no more spiders or spider webs to deal with!

For treating your water areas such as your dock or boat, we use an naturalproduct which is mint-based. It smells wonderful and works fabulously. Our spider control program is comprehensive to treat your waterfront home. It’s equally as effective on non-waterfront properties. Our solution is customized to your unique needs.

If you own a waterfront home, a dock or a home that is in close proximity to a water source contact Mosquito Squad of Columbia to learn more about our guaranteed spider control program.