Mosquito Squad of Columbia Sends the Fleas Away So Your Pooch Will Have a Happy Day

If there is one insect that makes most dog owner’s skin crawl, it is undoubtedly the flea. Along with the anguish they can put your pet through, fleas have been known vectors of illness  throughout history. Maybe the best known and most unfortunate outbreak of disease, the Bubonic plague, also referred to in textbooks as The Black Death, during the mid-14th century was attributed to the flea. Even today fleas can cause illness in humans and in our pets alike ranging from tapeworms and other parasites, skin dermatitis, Tularemia and Anemia.

Since we love our dogs as a member of the family, we want to ensure they stay flea free. We offer a three treatment series for flea control that is guaranteed to control fleas as long as your pets are being treated. We recommend using both drops on your pet’s shoulders and haunches as well as a Comfortis pill for your pet. Protect your pets from these pests all summer with our season long flea treatment program.

The program works similarly to our mosquito barrier control program with an added product that acts as a birth control for fleas. It actually prevents the fleas egg from hatching, thus stops the life cycle of the flea in the yard before it reaches you, your pet or your homes interior. No more fleas in the yard, used in conjunction with your pets flea control program means a happier pet, and a happier pet owner this season.

Another added benefit of our flea control program is that it does offer some protection from gnats as well, we do not guarantee gnat control, but every little bit of help is good help. Contact Mosquito Squad of Columbia today to learn more about our flea control program and many other insects we can prevent and control in your yard this season.