If You Haven’t Heard of the Cicada Killer Wasp, We’re Sure You’ve Seen One Here in Columbia SC

The cicada killer wasp is quite possibly one of the largest wasps you have ever seen. These monstrous wasps are, as their name implies, cicada killers. They are identifiable by their enormous size, black and yellow striping upon their backs, and their unmistakably loud buzzing sound made by their enormous wings. They dig underground burrows and you’ll know if they’re in your yard nearly immediately. These behemoths swarm the area surrounding their underground burrow, but are actually not as aggressive as other wasps and hornets.

The female cicada killer wasp is capable of stinging, whereas the male is not. Females have significant stingers which they plunge into cicadas to inject venom that paralyzes them. Without doubt, their stings are extremely painful to humans. The buzzing noise that these wasps make and the warning colors on their wings and bodies intimidate and discourage would be predators. The males are extremely territorial, yet they cannot sting. While the males will harass humans and animals near their burrow, and you now know they cannot sting, you’re more than likely going to forget that fact when twenty to thirty gigantic wasps are surrounding you.

The cicada killer wasp will choose its place to burrow very carefully. A well drained, light textured soil in full sunlight is what they prefer most. Unfortunately, these areas tend to be places such as sidewalk or patio edges, flower beds, gardens and even your front or back yard. Another negative impact of the cicada killer wasp is that skunks will often take advantage of an empty cicada killer wasp burrow and use it as their own. When confronted by these monstrous wasps, please leave their removal to the professionals, Mosquito Squad of Columbia.