How to Rid Your Home of Columbia SC Spiders

Imagine it’s early and you’re in a rush to head off to work. You’ve drank your coffee, and are ready to head out the door. You open the door and walk directly into a gigantic spider web. At this point, you could not care less if your neighbors witness you performing quick, ninja-like moves as you frantically try to get the web off of yourself. You try to convince yourself that the spider isn’t on you and off to work you go. This is not the way you should have to start off your day.

Spider control in Columbia SC is something we take pride in. At Mosquito Squad of Columbia, we make sure to not only rid your home of spiders, but also to make certain their webs are gone as well. During these prime summer months, removing spiders from docks is the most common request. We utilize a natural solution for knocking spiders down from docks. We also make sure that the food source that drew them to the dock in the first place is removed.

When it comes to removing spiders from your home, our barrier treatment is residual and will keep spiders out of your yard and home for 21 days. Not only will our barrier application knock down spiders that enter your yard, but it will also eliminate existing spiders. Once we have ensured your yard has been thoroughly treated, we will then brush off all the existing spider webs.

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