Will Mosquito Squad of Columbia Protect You Against Mosquitoes & Ticks? Yes!

Our role as a nuisance pest control professional is twofold. We are committed to providing our customers with a highly effective mosquito, tick control and outdoor pest service and we are committed to ensuring the products we use will protect you, your pets and the environment. At Mosquito Squad of Columbia, we encourage our customers to ask lots of questions about the effectiveness of our product so we can share that our products will protect you when properly used according to label directions.

The chemicals we use are pyrethroids, which are a synthetic form of pyrethrin – a naturally derived extract of  chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrethroids are the same medium used to treat various types of lice on humans. Pyrethroids are listed on the lowest end of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registry. Since some of the key products we apply in our proprietary blend are micro-encapsulated, this means the concentration is so minute and widely dispersed, that it has both an immediate and lasting effect on mosquitoes but not on humans or pets. In perspective, you could eat a leaf or grass that has just had product applied to it and it would not cause any harm to you or your pets.

The concentration of our product is less than 1/10 of 1%. Compare this to a dermal product such as Frontline or other topical pest controls we readily apply directly to our pets which have concentrations of 9 to 12%. Our highly effective method of application places the product where mosquitoes and ticks rest vs. applying to product to the host (you or your pets), thereby eliminating the need for dermal application of chemical to skin. Since our product is micro-encapsulated, microscopic bubbles of product are left behind which is how we are able to provide both immediate control and lasting prevention of pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, gnats and fleas.

The makeup of a pyrethroid is such that the effective compounds begin to break down at about 21 days following application. This breakdown of the product combined with the life cycle of mosquitoes are the reasons behind scheduled applications of the product on a 21-day cycle to provide continuous protection for the homeowner. It also allows us to provide season long mosquito protection for our Columbia-area residents.

The product we use is indeed a chemical but when applied and used properly will protect you and your family. Our technicians are all well trained. Our insect control applicators wear respirators so as to not inhale the aerosol during application.Once the chemical has been applied and allowed 30 minutes to dry these precautions are no longer necessary.

In order to protect beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies, our technicians are thoroughly trained to never mist anything in bloom, where bees and butterflies land.  Plus pyrethroids are NOT in the family of neonicotinoids that are feared to be of danger to beneficial pollinators.  In addition, Mosquito Squad of Columbia offers today’s most effective spider and crawling pest solutions including innovative green products for use on and over water.

Mosquito Squad of Columbia was founded in 2005; we understand the constant nuisance and dangers of diseases like West Nile, Heartworm and Lyme Disease that mosquitoes, ticks and other biting pests can bring.  Our mission is to put a stop to this biting madness, and give you back your backyard – on your terms. Each acclaimed Pest Protection Barrier Treatment will effectively eliminate 85-90% of your mosquito and tick population for three weeks.