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The Shade of Columbia Trees Provides a Welcome Home – For Mosquitoes

One of the most attractive features of the beautiful, historic homes of Rosewood, Shandon, and Heathwood are the mature trees that grace the landscaped yards of the neighborhoods.

These trees look wonderful, and they provide the added benefit of comforting shade during the hot summer days.

However, you are not the only one who likes the cooling effects of these trees’ shade. For Columbia mosquitoes, this shade makes for the perfect breeding ground and refuge.

There can be literally millions of mosquitoes in Columbia-area trees, particularly in the large, full trees that are located in these historic neighborhoods. Area residents know all too well that the dangers of these mosquitoes extends beyond a mere annoyance; a Shandon resident was affected by the West Nile virus just last year, and is still feeling its effects. So this problem is clearly nothing to be taken lightly.

The solution is a mere phone call away. Mosquito Squad of Columbia can effectively treat mosquitoes problems in these and many other Columbia neighborhoods with an array of safe but effective mosquito control sprays. You can rest easily knowing that the treatments will not harm your family or your trees or landscaping.

Don’t let mosquitoes detract from your enjoyment of your shade trees. Let Mosquito Squad of Columbia eliminate the problem with safe mosquito mist solutions.