The Mosquito Squad Difference

If you’re shopping around for a reliable, professional mosquito control company in the Columbia, SC, market, you’ve more than likely noticed there are several options from which to choose. Therefore, we feel it’s pertinent to communicate what separates Mosquito Squad of Columbia from other mosquito and pest control companies here in our area. There are 3 key areas in which we absolutely excel and take extreme pride in.

Our Technicians: Unlike most of the mosquito and pest control companies here in Columbia, SC, we have no seasonal employees. Our technicians are all full-time employees and all are certified applicators. We additionally have several certified pest control technicians. Also, our organization has 3 full-time master termite technicians as well as a botanist. We take our training and certification extremely serious. Our goal is to be the absolute best in mosquito and pest control, period.

Our Product: Our product is something we are extremely proud of. Undoubtedly, we sell the most expensive chemical in our area. We utilize a higher-quality, more expensive chemical than any other mosquito control company in our area. We add a “knock-down” additive to our microencapsulated barrier application, which lasts longer due to the microencapsulation, even if it rains. We are not willing to sacrifice the quality and effectiveness of our product over price. In short, we apply a more effective solution at a higher quantity than any other mosquito or pest control company in our area.

Our Brand: We are entirely dedicated to our customer service and our brand. We’re designed to be a mosquito control company. We have the necessary system in place to service our customers from top to bottom. We maintain constant updates and communication to each of our clients. The day prior to coming to put down a barrier treatment, we email our customers. The day of, we will call our customers to let them know we’re on our way and when they can expect us. Once we’ve completed our barrier application, we leave a baggy on the door letting our customers know we were there and what was performed. Our customers are our business and, again, we want to be the best in the business at customer service as well.

If you’re looking for a professional mosquito control company in Columbia, SC, look no further than the experts at Mosquito Squad of Columbia. You can reach us by calling (803) 219-8621, email us at or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!