Our Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems Make Good Horse Sense for Effective Mosquito & Fly Control at Home & at the Barn

Not many products can offer complete control of mosquitoes, but our automatic mosquito misting systems come as close as you can get. For this very reason people are choosing automatic mosquito misting systems because it delivers 95% plus effective mosquito control. Our barrier sprays work wonderfully, and they offer 85% – 95% control in a treated area, but the misting system is the closest thing to perfect any method can get.

Automatic mosquito misting systems are used in residential and commercial applications. They are a favorite among horse owners and are widely used in horse stable settings. The misting system is a favorite in residential settings and delivers homeowners the optimum mosquito control available. Our systems release an automatic treatment at scheduled intervals. The system eliminates mosquitoes within the treated areas.

Fighting mosquitoes on the home front

When we install the automatic mosquito misting system in residential applications our prime target is mosquitoes. Our residential misting systems are generally installed in your yard or on your grounds. They are placed to mist away from your plants and foliage. This precise placement means when the mosquitoes attempt their late afternoon ritual of emerging from their harborage, our misting system will be ready to greet them. Our misting system will target the mosquitoes as they run through the mist and are thus eliminated on the spot. We set the misting systems to treatment during the times of day when the mosquitoes are most active. These times are generally dusk until dawn approaches. The system is set to mist 2 -4 times during those peak mosquito hours. Homeowners will also be given a forward operating base (FOB) which enables them to activate the misting system anytime they need an immediate treatment. It is the same concept as having a remote control for your TV but this station only tunes into the mosquito control channel!  The system itself consists of inconspicuous nylon tubing which connects to corrosion-resistant nickel-plated and stainless steel nozzles. The nylon tubing can easily be placed in strategic areas and kept out of view. Each nozzle is automatically filled from the Mosquito Squad tank that is serviced and winterized for the utmost convenience which means you don’t have to lift a finger and mosquitoes stay out of sight and out of mind.

We recently completed an installation of our automatic misting systems at an estate home located on Lake Murray, SC. The homeowners are ecstatic about the convenience our system offers. Our systems are automatic and don’t require any labor on your part.

Winning the battle against flies at the barn

South Carolina is horse country. Many people not only enjoy the lifestyle that owning horses provides, many of our residents make their living in the horse industry. From show barns, to training facilities and even barns that are designed to hold the ultimate pasture pet, horses are a big part of what makes South Carolina a great place to reside. Winston Churchill once said that  “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”, and with that in mind horse owners want to protect their beloved steeds from not only mosquitoes which can carry the deadly Eastern Equine Encephalitis, but also the nagging flies that haunt our horses every day.

Our automatic mosquito misting systems not only control skeeters, but they also control flies. When we install our systems for use in barn settings we install one treatment head per stall. These are set to disperse at variable times throughout the day for maximum fly control. Unlike the residential application which primarily targets mosquitoes and is set to disperse during the dusk to dawn hours our barn misting systems primarily target flies which are more active during the day. Our special formula is designed to attack flies in a different way than most fly repellents. Our product leaves the flies no chance to evolve and become resistant. Resistance to fly sprays is a major concern for horse owners because flies can change their makeup so that your fly control will no longer be effective at repelling flies. This cannot happen with our misting systems.

Mosquito Squad of Columbia just finished a large installation of automatic misting systems at a horse barn in Camden, SC. In this application we set the system to disperse at various times throughout the day for optimum protection. Each stall has its own misting apparatus which is safe even if the horses are present when the misting system goes off. We carefully position the treatment heads away from any of the horse’s food sources. The owners of the barn as well as the horses are thrilled with the new system. The owner said the horses seem eager to go into the barn to get into their fly-free stalls. Even the horses at this Camden, SC stable know that automatic mosquito systems make good horse sense to keep them happy and healthy!