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Last Week’s Rain Will Breed Millions of Mosquitoes Here in Columbia SC Within Two Weeks

There is a direct correlation between rain, temperature and the mosquito population. With all the recent rain there will undoubtedly be an uptick in the mosquito population here in Columbia, South Carolina.

The sheer amount of rain we have received in Columbia has undoubtedly created pools of water wherein mosquito breeding is a real problem. If you would like to make sure your yard is not a mosquito breeding area, don’t forget the “5 T’s”.

In areas of your yard that naturally breed mosquitoes (holes in trees, areas in your yard where water pools), you will often notice large swarms. If you really want to see the mosquitoes in your yard disappear, Mosquito Squad of Columbia’s barrier sprays are designed to do exactly that. Not only does the barrier treatment knock down existing mosquitoes, but it also eliminates breeding areas and creates a barrier which mosquitoes won’t enter.

Take your yard back! Don’t allow those pesky, bloodsucking mosquitoes to keep you in your home during these warm, pleasant months.