If You Thought Our Cold Winter Would Lessen the Number of Mosquitoes in Columbia SC, You’d Better Think Again

A colder than normal winter does not, under any circumstances, equate to a smaller mosquito population in the warmer months. Mosquito eggs can lay dormant for up to seven years until conditions are right. Once the conditions are right, the mosquito eggs will hatch and the mosquito population will spike. Mosquitoes did not gain the title of being the most deadly animal on the planet by allowing a cold spell to decimate their population.

Mosquitoes are much smarter and sneakier than one might think. They will lay their eggs in locations that are perfect for the eggs to hatch immediately. They too will lay their eggs in locations, almost as a backup plan, where conditions need to change in order for the eggs to hatch. A perfect example of this would be when mosquitoes lay their eggs five feet above a river’s normal level. The reason for doing this is that river levels will inevitably rise, and with the river’s level rising the eggs gain the necessary moisture they need to develop into adult mosquitoes ready to feed. It is for reasons such as these that a professional, extremely well-trained company like Mosquito Squad of Columbia is so essential.

We at Mosquito Squad of Columbia know the habits of mosquitoes and areas they love to hide their eggs. Most importantly, we know how to eliminate them from your yard. After doing a thorough inspection to ensure there are no potential mosquito-breeding areas, we mist your yard to create a protective barrier. Our mist acts as an invisible shield of protection from mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases. Our barrier treatment not only eliminates mosquitoes on contact but also has a time-released formula that keeps on working for up to 3 weeks. By having Mosquito Squad of Columbia mist your yard, you’ll be able to enjoy the warmer months outside without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.You’ll no longer need to mist yourself down with stinky bug repellent or burn citronella candles.