Historic Columbia Home & Gardens Ideal for Weddings & Events

corporate meeting, the Historic Columbia Foundation offers several authentic colonial venues.  By far the most popular is the Siebels House and Garden, located in the heart of downtown Columbia’s historic district.  Built in 1796, the Siebels House has stood for over 200 years and is believed to be the oldest house in Columbia, and both the garden and a portion of the house are available for special events.

According to Amy Kinard, Rental Coordinator for Historic Columbia Foundation, the Seibels Garden was restored to its original look three years ago, and outdoor events are held from spring through Christmas.  “It’s interesting to be a part of history,” says Amy.  “I grew up in Columbia and toured the grounds as a child.  With several venues to choose from, we hold many beautiful and memorable events year round.”

Amy acknowledges that mosquitoes, biting insects,  and other outdoor insects can often pose a problem for outdoor event attendees.

At Mosquito Squad of Columbia, we offer specialized mosquito repellent and outdoor pest solutions in the form of  Special Event Sprays that can make your outdoor wedding or party virtually bite-free.  The mature trees and shade found in the Seibels Garden and other historic locations are particularly attractive to mosquitoes.  Mosquito Squad’s event barrier sprays are done a day or two before the scheduled event and won’t harm plants, beneficial insects, or present a health hazard to food served in the location, and can greatly increase everyone’s enjoyment of the festive outdoor activity.