Columbia-Area Budget Cutbacks Reduce Mosquito Spraying

If in the past, you have been used to enjoying mosquito control efforts as performed by Columbia and Richland County, you will be in for an unpleasant surprise this Summer.

In the current economy, municipalities across the country have had to make difficult cutbacks, and here in Columbia SC we are no exception. One of the areas that has been impacted by Richland County budget cutbacks is mosquito control.

You can no longer count on the government to provide mosquito misting and larvicide services in your area. The service has been reduced in many areas, and eliminated altogether in others.

Thankfully, we here at Mosquito Squad of Columbia are able to help. Our mosquito misting solutions are every bit as effective as the misting solutions previously provided by Richland County, and they are available at very affordable rates.

From our Standard 21-day and 14-day all Natural Barrier Treatment programs that keep your family protected all season long to our one-day Event Sprays that allow guests to enjoy your outdoor Weddings and Events bite-free, we have a variety of mosquito control sprays designed to help any Columbia-area resident.

Even though Richland County has reduced its mosquito misting coverage, you can still spend a safe summer outdoors. Call today to set up an appointment for mosquito misting services in Columbia!