South Carolina Veterinarians Recommend Vaccinating Horses Now for Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

In 2013, South Carolina led the country in confirmed cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis. While Eastern Equine Encephalitis is well known by horse owners for the extreme danger it poses to horses, many people are unaware that horses can also contract West Nile Virus also. Eastern Equine Encephalitis (or EEE) is extremely common in our area and the mortality rate of horses infected is 90%. Mosquito Squad of Columbia is fully capable of implementing a system that will dramatically reduce the mosquito population in the vicinity of your horses.

Our mosquito misting systems can provide protection in designated areas and reduce your horse’s contact with pesky biting, disease carrying mosquitoes. Our system is the best method of insuring protection against these and other swarming pests. At Mosquito Squad of Columbia, our misting system is truly set it and forget it. You won’t have to think about scheduling your treatments yet you can also add an additional treatment if needed. To make it even easier, Mosquito Squad of Columbia provides a state of the art wireless monitoring system that notifies us if there are any leaks, siphons or power failures allowing for prompt service dispatch. You will not need to worry about a cut misting line or nozzle leak.

Mosquito misting systems provide protection for barns as well. Horses in their stables are sitting ducks for mosquitoes. We install our misting systems inside barns, horse stables and other livestock enclosures. We carefully position the treatment nozzles away from your horses and their food source. This offers the ultimate control over flies, biting flies, mosquitoes and other disease carrying pests.

To see how Mosquito Squad of Columbia can remove unwanted, disease carrying mosquitoes from your equestrian center or barn, call us today.