Recently Confirmed West Nile Virus Cases in South Carolina Highlight the Significance of Mosquito Control

Normally, seeing the first confirmed case of the West Nile Virus here in South Carolina comes around mid July. This year, we already have 2 cases and we aren’t even into June yet. This may not be an indicator of how broad and sweeping West Nile will be, but it certainly does raise questions. Also important to note, Chikungunya has begun being spread by local mosquitoes within the U.S. Chikungunya thrives in warm, humid climates; unfortunately, that’s precisely the climate of Columbia, South Carolina. For all these reasons, it is recommended you have your yard treated to keep mosquitoes out for good.

We at Mosquito Squad of Columbia believe that mosquitoes and other biting and stinging pests shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your backyard. Nor should the fear of being bitten by a disease carrying mosquito. Our barrier sprays are designed to remove existing mosquitoes from your property, and act as a defense system against mosquitoes that fly into your yard and land. Once mosquitoes land in your treated yard, that’s the last trip they will ever make.

You can put away the citronella candles and bug treatment and leave the job of mosquito control in Columbia, South Carolina to the professionals. If you sign up for seasonal protection, you won’t have to worry about calling us to come time and time again once the barrier treatment wears off. We will arrive to your home, apply the treatment, then simply leave a note letting you know the job was performed. The only thing you’ll notice is that the mosquitoes are gone!