Irmo SC Family’s Health Affected by Mosquitoes and Ticks

Danielle Miller of Irmo, SC, knows all-too-well the risks of disease from mosquito and tick infestations.  Danielle’s three children and two dogs suffer daily from the mosquitoes and ticks that infest her wooded backyard, her daughter has been hospitalized from mosquito bite complications, and a family friend suffers the chronic effects of tick-borne lyme disease.

Since moving to their new home near Harbison Boulevard in Irmo, Danielle’s shih-tzu dog regularly comes into their home with ticks, which are painful and disgusting to remove.  Danielle’s greater concern is that her children may contract lyme disease from the ticks, especially since a friend’s health deteriorated after he contracted lyme disease from a tick bite.  “Lyme disease is real, and I want to protect my children from this illness”, says Danielle.  She said that her friend suffers from all the symptoms for which lyme disease is known, including flu-like symptoms, chronic joint pain, and “it even affected him mentally” Danielle noted.

Additionally, Danielle’s three-year old daughter, Peyton, contracted MRSA, a Staphylococcus infection that flared up from scratching a mosquito bite.  “Peyton ended up in the hospital, and they had to cut open a hole in her leg and keep the wound open in order to repeatedly treat the infection.  This (complication from mosquito bites) can lead to amputations and even death,” Danielle stated, but “we were lucky we caught it in time.”

Danielle will be taking advantage of a free barrier treatment applied to her yard that controls up to 90% of mosquitoes, ticks and fleas, offered to new customers by Mosquito Squad of Columbia.  Due to the extensive pest infestation in her around her home, Mosquito Squad recommends installing Tick Tubes, which control juvenile ticks, killing them before they mature and begin biting humans and dogs.