Our Hearts Go Out to Those Impacted by the Flood and Those Who’ve Perished in Our Incredible City of Columbia

We are absolutely devastated by the floods in and around our beloved city. We hope all of our Columbia area neighbors get the help and protection they need to get through this devastating flood. When we all wade out of this flood, we are here to provide follow up mosquito repellent applications. We will do everything we can to take care of our own as quickly as we can.

This catastrophic, 1,000-year rain event has set records all across South Carolina, and there are still nearly 100 people here in Columbia still trapped in their homes. We look forward to getting through this together and send our deepest condolences to those who have perished due to this incredibly damaging flood.

Mosquito Squad of Columbia will be here for all our current customers as well and will be on top of our tasks as soon as it is possible. You can count on us.

Kenny Kaufman, owner
Mosquito Squad of Columbia