What's a Good Mosquito Control Company in Columbia, South Carolina?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Columbia

What is it that makes Mosquito Squad of Columbia the best mosquito control company in our area? Is it the thorough training of our technicians? Is it our unparalleled service? In order to get the absolute best results, let us do what we do best, keeping your yard mosquito-free with season-long barrier spray applications.

Simply put, a one-time spray for mosquitoes on your property isn’t going to keep your yard mosquito-free for the entire summer. The absolute best method of mosquito control is to be extremely proactive, not reactive. While the weather seems to have finally turned into spring, some people may think since it’s been cooler these past few weeks that mosquito sprays are unnecessary; this is not true. By applying a comprehensive barrier application to your yard while the mosquito population is yet to surge, we’ll curb the population in your yard significantly in the next few weeks. However, if we sustain that barrier application and keep it up all season long, then your yard won’t become a feeding frenzy when you go outdoors in the evenings.

By starting out early, we can eliminate existing mosquitoes and disturb the maturation process of the mosquito eggs and larvae. When we return 21 days later and reapply the barrier spray, again the same thing will happen. Mosquitoes are constantly feeding and then laying eggs. If you truly want your yard to be a “mosquito-free” zone, call the experts at Mosquito Squad of Columbia. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you take your yard back from unwanted biting and stinging pests all season long.

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