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4 Ways to Protect Your Kids From Mosquito Bites

Chicago is a fantastic place to live. Although when it comes to mosquitos, Chicago ranks high as number four in the United States where mosquitos are a big problem. The mosquito season when they are actively breeding starts in Chicagoland as early as April and runs through September, but can also bleed into late October. 

The Health Department in Chicago does what it can to treat basins of water where mosquitos tend to breed. That doesn't really help your own backyard mosquito control where your children will play all summer long. You need all natural mosquito control from Mosquito Squad of Chicago. Here are four ways to protect your kids from mosquito bites this summer, and how Mosquito Squad of Chicago can provide the best mosquito protection for your entire family. 

Prevention Tip #4: Keep Your Yard Maintained 

A yard that is unruly and overgrown can attract more mosquitos where they’ll want to breed. Keep your yard maintained by trimming grass regularly, removing weeds, keeping plants from being overgrown, and use foliage that doesn’t attract mosquitoes around your property. Most of all, it’s vital that you get rid of any standing water around your house. 

Prevention Tip #3: Dress Kids in Light-Colored Clothing 

Even though it’s hot and humid during the summer in Chicago, it’s still a good idea to dress your kids in light-colored long sleeves and pants when mosquitos are at their worst. You can find lightweight clothing that is going to be breathable and suitable for the summer heat. Make sure shirts are tucked in as well to protect them from getting bites on their stomachs. 

Prevention Tip #2: Avoid Dusk and Dawn 

Mosquitos are very active during the early morning hours at dawn, and when the day is ending at dusk. Try to keep your kids inside to play when the bugs are on the prowl. Avoiding swarms of them during the sunrise and sunset hours of the day will protect your children from a mosquito’s hungry bite. 

Prevention Tip #1: A Custom Spray Plan From Mosquito Squad of Chicago

The number one method of preventing mosquitos from attacking your children is to call Mosquito Squad of Chicago. We can come out to your property to develop a customized mist plan for backyard mosquito control that is personalized to how your yard is set up. Everyone’s yard is unique. That’s why our technicians will be able to analyze what areas need the most focus, like high grasses, weeds, or bushes that mosquitos love. Our all natural mosquito control is even considered dog friendly mosquito control, so you don’t have to worry about it negatively affecting your pets. Our Barrier Protection Treatment is the absolute best mosquito protection for your family hands-down. 

If you want to eliminate 90 percent of mosquitos in your yard this year, give us a call at (630) 556-8315 to schedule an appointment with Mosquito Squad of Chicago. Your first consultation is free, and we’re proud to provide high-quality mosquito control that will protect your kids from pesky mosquito bites this year.