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Mosquito Squad Chicago Saves 17,000 Lives

Mosquito Squad of Chicago is a huge supporter of Malaria No More, an organization dedicated to putting an end to deaths from one of the top killers of kids on this planet. This disease is Malaria. More than 1400 children lose their lives to this disease on a daily basis, but it is preventable and curable. Some of these tools include rapid diagnostic tests and life-saving malaria treatments.

The Power of One campaign helps with this problem because every dollar that is donated to this campaign will fund a full course of life-saving treatment for each child diagnosed with a case of malaria. This campaign aims to accelerate progress in malaria. Mosquito Squad Chicago has helped the cause by donating $1 to each mosquito control treatment that we perform. In 2014, we’ve helped to save over 17,000 lives. Below is a Q&A with a member of the Mosquito Squad Chicago Executive Team.

Name and Affiliation: Rick Norwood, Mosquito Squad of Chicago

What are you doing to support MNM?  We take pride in doing everything we can to eliminate Malaria in Africa. We pledge $1 for every treatment we do. That $1 will get 1 child the lifesaving treatment they need and cures that child in 1 to 3 days.

How much money have you raised? We raised $17,000 to save 17,000 kids last year and 9,000 children in 2013. We are very proud of that.

How are you encouraging fellow Chicagoans to join us?  We are going to roll out a campaign this year to try to get our loyal customers to help in the support. All they have to do is text the word “swat” and donate as little as a dollar. We plan to really push for support this year.

What has inspired you to join forces to help support MNM? Last year the Bill Gates foundation gave $200 million towards the Malaria Vaccine Initiative. It is my hope that malaria will be eradicated within a generation and we hope to do a small part to make that a reality.

Was there anything you’ve learned about MNM or malaria in general that you think everyone should know? We have to give children the best future we can and a lot of these children in Africa are so smart. They can do big things for the world. They just have to be given a chance.

What was the most recent inspiring artist you listened to? Garth Brooks – he just gets it. It is all about people.

Anything else you want our readers to know? A lot of times we get caught up in worrying about ourselves and I have found over the last couple of years it is far more rewarding to do something for someone else. The more I can do the better I feel. Once you start the giving process it is contagious.

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