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West Nile Watch: Wilmette & Kenilworth

Mosquito-borne disease and illness have become a very real problem in the midwest over the last few years. With Chicagoland sitting right at the heart of the West Nile Crisis Zone, we are fortunate that modern day science provided us with ways to evaluate the level of risk, diagnose the disease while still in early, treatable stages, and equips us with tools and methods for avoiding West Nile altogether. To grow complacent and fully rely upon the expertise and knowledge of scientists and health professionals would be a huge mistake, however, as the greatest hurdle in today’s world of technology and information is actually staying informed and continually growing our personal knowledge database.

That doesn’t need to be you though, and Mosquito Squad is here it help keep you informed on everything bug related. Keeping one ear to news & media sources is always a good idea, and don’t forget to check in here for regular updates or sightings of dangerous diseases. That’s why we want to link you right to the source at The Chicago Tribune, where they have the latest scoop on mosquitoes and West Nile in local areas.

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