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Stay Informed with Zikanewssource.Com

As anyone that has worked with Mosquito Squad can tell you, safety and protection from mosquitoes has always been our priority. We want you and your family to be able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about annoying and potentially dangerous insects. With an offered solution as effective as our trademark Mosquito Squad Barrier Treatment, it’s no wonder people throughout the Chicagoland area turn to us whenever the need a hand fighting off mosquitoes.

Protection within your backyard isn’t the only way we help our customers though. Through informative tools, such as our blog, we strive to constantly be passing on to you as much information as possible. The more information you have access to, the better you’ll be informed on topics such as anti-mosquito tactics for the backyard, or where & when different cases of mosquito-borne diseases have been reported in the Chicago suburbs. At Mosquito Squad Chicago, one of our main goals will ever be to keep you informed on relevant topics as they continue to develop. One such topic, that of the Zika virus, has become increasingly more prevalent in the news as the chance of an outbreak on American soil continues to rise. While the Zika virus is dangerous in itself, being uninformed or misinformed can be just as great of a threat to your safety. To help you avoid these occurrences, Mosquito Squad has launched ZikaNewsSource.com with the express purpose of making your quest for knowledge and information on the Zika virus all the easier. Consider it your central hub for all Zika related news; the site features daily updates so you can always stay on top of how our country is handling Zika. Definitely one to add to your favorites, ZikaNewsSource.com is quickly becoming the main channel for those looking to know what they’re up against when it comes to mosquitoes.

For obvious reasons, it is hugely beneficial to be in the know when it comes to any disease, but critically so for those that can pose an immediate threat to daily life and a heightened probability as a long-lasting danger to the general populace. Even as experts and scientist continue to make discoveries on their journey towards a vaccine for the Zika virus, the threat of an impending outbreak continues to rise. Fully expecting Zika to reach the southeast coast, leading medical experts to predict that this could occur as early as within the next couple months. No closer now to the discovery of a vaccine than the CDC was a few months ago; there have still been a couple of breakthroughs and discoveries concerning the effects of the Zika virus. The primary of which has been the confirmation of Zika as a direct cause of microcephaly in children born to an infected mother causing concerns to continue to rise as people seek out alternative means of protecting themselves from such a dangerous disease.

So check out the new site, keep yourself informed on the latest developments, and in the meantime, make sure your yard is up to Mosquito Squad standards by dumping any standing water. You can also keep your home, family, and pets safe with a regular Mosquito Squad Barrier Treatment package. Extremely effective when it comes to eliminating mosquitoes and keeping them away, our barrier sprays are the most popular service offered by Mosquito Squad and utilize our time-release formula to continue working for as many as 21 days at a time. Find the Barrier Treatment Package that will best suit your needs and get your home protected for the summer

Mosquito Squad of Chicago is a mosquito control services company that provides professional mosquito extermination in the Chicago land area. Give us a call at (630) 556-8315 to find out how we can help you with your mosquito problem.

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