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Mosquito Squad Of Chester & Delaware Counties Goes The Extra Mile To Take Care Of Our Customers

We’ve all heard the adage the customer is king when it comes to the service and individualized attention given in order to increase satisfaction in a client-business relationship. Here at Mosquito Squad of Chester & Delaware Counties we put our money where our mouth is and take not just the satisfaction, but also the happiness of our customers very serious.

We go the extra mile to inform you of, educate you about, protect you from and prevent nuisance insects on your West Chester, Newtown Square and Mainline, PA property. This is achieved through communication and treating your yard with the highest level of service while instilling the use of the best products on the market! We are here to safeguard you and your family from Mother Nature’s annoying pests. Having been in operation for many years now, all our previous and current customers can attest to our reliability and high level of expertise. Using our integrated pest management approach (IPM), we will help you eradicate annoying pests from your yard. We will help you control mosquitoes, stink bugs, fleas, ticks and other nuisance insects; ensuring that your outdoor space is livable again.

Mosquito Squad of Chester & Delaware Counties Owner Doug Weber
Owner, Doug Weber is educating Chester & Delaware county residents about mosquitoes and ticks everywhere he goes!

We strive to make sure each of our customers receives personalized attention before, during and after their mosquito and tick control treatment(s). This means no matter what the reason, we will help identify any sources that may be contributing to mosquito presence and work together to find a solution. Here’s what we mean:

1 – We will get any issues taken care of promptly
2 – We can discuss how our products work, and we can usually identify any issues together
3 – Providing you with the best customer service is our goal. We are personable and our goal is to serve YOU.

Our dedication to your individual needs and lifestyle is evident through every aspect of the customer experience. We are always here to answer any questions you may have. Once you have signed up for service, you will get an email link on the day of service with a progress update, which you can check on the day of the treatment in real time. This email lets you know the expected arrival time and is updated once your treatment is completed. This is helpful if you have to get dogs up or wrangle your kids out of the pool! We can also give you a text or call by request in addition to your personalized email. And remember, we always send an email to you the afternoon prior (usually by 4:30 pm) to your treatment day.

Isn’t it time a pest control company treated you the way you deserve to be treated? We are here to provide expert advice to Chester & Delaware County homeowners on how to reduce mosquito and tick populations, we have the right solution for your needs. From our full season barrier treatments to the ultimate in effective misting systems. Contact us today to learn more — you’ll be glad you did!

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