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You Too Can Train Your Local Mosquitoes Not to Bite!

Researchers in biochemistry at Virginia Tech are working to show you how to train mosquitoes not to bite. A recent study showed that the Aedes aegypti mosquito uses the smell of humans to recognize past unpleasant experiences. Simply put, if you swat the mosquito, it will recognize you by your smell and not try to bite again even if it survives!


USA Today reports, it is a reaction caused by the dopamine in the mosquito’s nervous system. When the dopamine was removed, the mosquitoes no longer reacted the same. “Understanding these mechanisms of mosquito learning and preferences may provide new tools for mosquito control,” Clément Vinauger, an assistant professor of biochemistry at Virginia Tech, said. “For example, we could target mosquitoes’ ability to learn and either impair it or exploit it to our advantage.”

Mosquitoes kill up to 725,000 people a year and science continues to look for ways to overcome this. Whether or not ridding the world of them all seems to be in question, but getting rid of the dangerous ones isn’t. Everything from DNA modification to lasers has been tested. And maybe understanding how mosquitoes “think” and react is something to consider too So far this method worked with some kinds of mosquitoes but it did not work on others. Behavior modification for your local mosquito only lasts as long as the mosquito. Training one not to bite you does nothing for the next swarm that might head your way.

So do you have time to train all the mosquitoes on your property? Wouldn’t the constant swatting be just plain annoying?

At Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford & Cambridge, we stand by the traditional methods. Protect your home, your pets, and your family with our mosquito barrier treatment. If you are looking at non-traditional methods because you’d rather go a natural route, we have a natural mosquito control treatment as well. We love science and hope for additional reliable mosquito control methods in the future but let’s talk about today’s best options. Call Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford & Cambridge today at (978) 381-4028.

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