The Best Mosquito & Tick Treatment for Your Pets

Author: Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford & Cambridge

When new customers call us, we are often asked about how Mosquito Squad works and also about whether it’s OK for their pets. We, as pet owners, want to make sure we protect our cherished cats and dogs in such a manner that the protection doesn’t have any harmful effects.

Mosquito Treatment for Pets 

As pet owners, the warm spring and early summer temperatures signal the need to get out the flea and tick treatments. Both fleas and ticks are harmful to our pets but not just because of the bites they deliver. When a mosquito bites your family dog, your dog is at risk of heartworm which is spread by mosquitoes. Keeping your dog protected requires a two-step plan. First, you should follow all your veterinarian’s instructions about the use of flea and tick medications. But secondly, you want to keep your yard as free from mosquitoes as possible. That’s where Mosquito Squad comes in.

No Bugs. No Bites. No Kidding. 

Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford & Cambridge creates a barrier around the perimeter of your yard to keep mosquitoes out. The effective seasonal mosquito control program includes treating your yard every 3 weeks for mosquitoes and ticks. The treatment will eliminate mosquitoes and ticks on contact. The applicators also spray your yard’s perimeter and vegetation for protection that keeps working after the initial application. Mosquito Squad’s microencapsulated timed release formula adheres to vegetation where insects spend time thus continuing protection over the multi-week period. Season-Long customers are then retreated every 3 weeks to protect your family, dogs, children, cats, and guests.

Keeping your pets protected is paramount throughout the year. Call [[INVALID_TOKEN]] today to protect your yard today: (978) 381-4028