Does Mosquito Squad Mosquito Barrier Spray Work?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford & Cambridge

It Sure Does Work!

Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford & Cambridge applies barrier sprays to homes, commercial venues, and special events throughout the Central Mass area including Chelmsford, Leominster, and Cambridge. The barrier spray is also called a perimeter spray or yard spray. The idea is to spray your yard and not yourself.

Trying to keep up with spraying yourself and everyone who spends time in your yard is a frustrating, time consuming, expensive and a sticky proposition. On top of that, who wants to spray themselves with spray over and over again and who wants to wash chemical spray off every time they come back inside? Further, do you really want to do this with your children? And what about your pets? Even if you treat your pets for fleas and ticks, that effort will be put to quite a test after your dog spends time padding through a deep leaf pile or digging into a brush pile – right where ticks love to hang out and your dogs love to sniff around.

The solution? Barrier Protection

The trained and professional applicators at Mosquito Squad apply a barrier protection spray around the perimeter of your property. This includes both your front and back yard. We treat the perimeter as well as all the standing vegetation. In addition, we focus on treating the areas where you spend the most time such as your deck or even around the kids’ trampoline. Perhaps your cat has a favorite place in the yard for sunning or resting in the shade. We can pay special attention to that area as well.

The spray does a couple of things. First, it eliminates any mosquitoes and ticks on contact when the spray is applied. Then it forms an invisible barrier around your yard to keep new mosquitoes and ticks from entering your yard during the 21-day protection period. The effective service will eliminate 85-90% of ticks and mosquitoes. Most of the time you will almost see no mosquitoes.

How Does It Work for So Long?

Our product contains a time-release formula that continues to work by adhering to vegetation. Mosquitoes hang out in cool areas such as vegetation. The treatment is micro encapsulated to slowly release protection over the period. What then? Our customers sign up for full-season protection. After signing up for seasonal service, Mosquito Squad comes back and re-treats the property every 21 days for the remainder of the season.

If you live in the Central Mass area and want to protect your yard for the rest of the summer, give us a call to sign up at (978) 381-4028