Oh Deer! Lyme Disease Prevention Needs Attention in Massachusetts

Author: Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford & Cambridge

A report released by a special legislative commission recognizes the large increase of Lyme Disease cases in Massachusetts. The report cites the rising deer population in Massachusetts, along with new housing communities encroaching on these habitats, as a catalyst. While the rise of Lyme Disease used to be limited to certain parts of the state such as the island communities, Lyme Disease is now a problem in all parts of Massachusetts including the Chelmsford and Lowell areas. The special commission recommends educating the public about prevention of Lyme Disease.

There are many symptoms associated with Lyme Disease. In early stages, symptoms can seem like the flu. A bulls-eye type rash can appear at the site of the tick bite although the flu like symptoms may be the only sign of infection. More symptoms will occur the longer the disease goes undetected. Some of the later symptoms could be loss of muscle tone to one or both sides of the face, headaches, neck stiffness and pain and swelling of the joints.

The Centers for Disease Control reported 1801 confirmed Lyme Disease cases in Massachusetts for 2011. Massachusetts is the 8thhighest state in the U.S. for incidence rate in 2011. In a four year period, Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford’s service area, Middlesex County had nearly 3 times more reported Lyme Disease cases. These overwhelming statistics show why the concern about this tick-born disease is growing in our area.

The 6 C’s of Tick Control

Mosquito Squad has six tips for controlling ticks in your yard:

  1. Clear debris.  This is especially important in moist, shady areas where ticks thrive.
  2. Clean.  Get rid of leaf litter, brush off sidewalks and mow grass.
  3. Choose plants that are not attractive to deer.  Deer carry ticks into your yard.
  4. Check hiding places often.  Ticks like to hide at the bottom of brick walls and fences.
  5. Care for your pets.  Ensure you check them for ticks and apply tick medication regularly.
  6. Call the pros.  Mosquito Squad’s tick control eliminates ticks that may be carriers of disease and a danger to your family and pets.

Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford & Cambridge combines barrier sprays with tick tube implementation to eliminate ticks from your yard, your family and pets the entire season. To learn more about our tick abatement program contact Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford. Call us today for a free quote at (978) 381-4028