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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall is a beautiful season in North Carolina. But those changing colors of the trees means there is work to do. Never fear, it’s not hard work! But keeping up with these simple tasks will help keep the future mosquitoes at bay.

#Clean your gutters ~ Fall is the perfect time for your gutters to get…well…dirty. Leaves are falling, the wind is blowing debris and it seems to be rainier in the fall around here. Keeping your gutters squeaky clean will take away places for pests and insects to take up residence.

#Rake or Blow your Leaves ~ Get those leaves collecting in your grass out to the road for pick up. Not only will it help your grass grow, but it will also help keep insects out of your yard.

#Dump out pooled water ~ With the extra rain we get sometimes in the fall, water can pool around your yard. This may not seem like an issue now, but pooling water gives mosquitoes a place to lay dormant until the warmer months return. Keeping the areas that may pool water nice and dry will help you in the spring.