Author: Mosquito Squad of Chapel Hill - Durham - Burlington

Ticks pack a lot of punch in their tiny little bodies. As a mom of four boys who are always outside, digging soccer balls and footballs out of wooded areas, the sheer mention of a tick sends fear down my spine. The CDC has an entire page dedicated to links about ticks…types of ticks, types of tick disease, geographic preferences of the various tick breeds and of course tick prevention. Check it out at https://www.cdc.gov/ticks/index.html.

Did you know that Mosquito Squad offers tick prevention? Our traditional barrier spray knocks down the tick in your vegetation and if that’s not enough, we have a specific tick and flea treatment that we can put on your grass that will further reduce the tick population in your yard.

Who wants to go outside and become a host for a disease carrying microscopic bug? I sure don’t.

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