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How do You Defend Against Armyworms?

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Each year, we have to defend ourselves and our properties from the pests seeking to ruin our outdoor living experience. Mosquitoes and ticks are the typical culprits of ruined evenings or outings, and they have cemented themselves as the most-hated creatures in our region. However, these creatures aren’t the only bugs that are causing us distress. Last year, we saw an unprecedented number of armyworms invade our yards, leaving behind a countless number of brown, devastated lawns. That’s right, these insects are capable of causing irreparable harm to your lush yard within 24 hours. Why is this, and why are these bugs causing damage on such a scale?

There are a few reasons, the first being that armyworms are incredibly prolific. Armyworms look very similar to small caterpillars, growing up to 1/1.5 inches in length, and they emerge in force and with a voracious appetite. Armyworms eventually turn into moths, and they require a burst of nutrients for metamorphosis. Unfortunately, these worms target grassy areas where they can emerge in force and with plenty of nutrients, meaning your yard fits the bill perfectly. Armyworms are technically semitropical, and our region would normally be outside of their usual range. However, climate changes and jet stream anomalies can allow the worms to spread northward, wreaking havoc as they go. Due to warmer temperatures, these bugs can spread northward in the summer, and sometimes the Jetstream can shoot adult armyworm moths into our area. Not only are tons of caterpillars a nuisance, but they also cause all sorts of damage to your carefully maintained yard and landscaping. To avoid this scenario, make sure you consult the experts. We can take care of these worms before they have a chance to damage your property this summer.

Defeat armyworms with Powhatan tick control

At Mosquito Squad, we specialize in multifunctional pest control that works against multiple creatures. Our granular tick treatments, for example, are capable of defending against armyworms as well! This variety of tick control involves spreading dry tick control granules across your lawn, where they will create a defensive layer that will prevent ticks and armyworms from emerging for weeks at a time. An armyworm treatment like this is incredibly useful because there are no active defense measures you need to take. Instead, you can relax outside at ease while our treatments go to work. And, with this treatment option, your tick control needs will be satisfied, too!

Armyworms aren’t welcome near you or your yard. For powerful armyworm defense, Powhatan tick control has you covered. Defend against both ticks and armyworms with Mosquito Squad of Central VA. Give us a call at (804) 409-2710.

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