What Exactly is a Barrier Treatment?

A photo of a mosquito squad tech misting for mosquitoes

It literally is a barrier that our technicians create using your natural foliage in your yard, and Mosquito SQUAD was the founder of that program over 12 years ago! Our Mosquito Barrier Treatments are a couple of things: it’s our most popular treatment plan, it’s a strategic and customized plan to protect the areas of your yard you enjoy the most, and it’s a simple, fast and very effective way to enjoy your summer outdoors, bug free!

Whether you sign up for our summer freedom – continuous barrier treatments and protection from Memorial Day to Labor Day – or our complete freedom plan – from April to October – with our Traditional 21-day Barrier Treatment, we service your yard every 21 days.

Every 21 days we come out and service your yard in the specific areas you and your family are going to be. We target grass, foliage, and damp places where mosquitoes and other backyard bugs like ticks and fleas are harboring in.

Why 21 Days?

Due to rain, foliage growth and other natural occurrences, our treatments need to be reapplied every 3 weeks in order for you to see that 90% population decrease the whole summer. And yes, we guarantee a 90% population decrease.

What does 90% mean?

It means you should always be able to enjoy your yard and noticing a difference with our service. If you ever feel like your barrier treatment is not working up to that promise, you can call Lisa, Colette, or Kim in the office, because that is not typical, and we need to know!

When Can I Go Back Outside?

Just 30 minutes after we apply our barrier treatment, we just want our product to be dry anywhere we applied it. Then, for the next 21 days, any time a mosquito or bug lands on that treated foliage, that is one less mosquito landing on your or a family member.

Interested or need more information? Call the SQUAD at (217) 516-3141 and ask her what your yard would need to keep you and your family mosquito free!