Cape Cod Mosquito Squad Product Information

How Safe is Our Product?

Cape Cod Mosquito Squad uses a plant based system derived from (chrysanthemum) and microencapsulated (tiny gel caps).  This product is extremely effective at protecting people, children, and pets, especially from tick and mosquito-borne diseases.  Our gel cap technology helps protect the watershed, is water resistant and has good weather resistance.

Our product has the approval of the prestigious World Health Organization for indoor malarial control and is EPA registered and Massachusetts approved for unrestricted use.

What Is Our Process?

We apply our products at a dilution of 99.5% with water. Once applied to foliage, the material dries into a “thin film”, in the way latex paint would dry, so it does not wash off or migrate (helping protect the watershed), but instead kills and repels ticks and mosquitoes. In several weeks, bacteria and natural processes break down the "film" to CO2 and water.

The rate of dilution and target application minimizes risk even to beneficial insects.  In fact, we treat beekeepers, horse stables, dog breeders, kennels and farms with excellent results.

We recommend that cats remain inside for 10-30 minutes until the product is dry at which point it is the about 1/50th to 1/100th the strength of a flea or tick collar, and again very specific to the target insects and where they breed and harbor waiting for a blood meal.  The active ingredient is also in shampoos for children to get rid of head lice, but the shampoos contain a much higher concentration.

Issues Related to Topical Applications

The topical application of "Off", DEET and even “organic” products, creates direct exposure allowing them to be absorbed through the skin and through breathing and/or accidental ingestion.  Showering and laundering may cause these materials to make their way into the watershed, potentially in their bioactive, forms as well as creating a high direct exposure to you, your pets and family.

Avoid Deadly Diseases

The Barnstable County tick awareness board has identified a total of 13 "Lyme-like" diseases on Cape Cod, some of which do not yet have a human screening test and the County entomologist supports the use of the type of barrier treatment we use.  In addition, two people have died this summer (2017) due to the tick-borne Powassan virus

While we can’t guarantee anything in life, we believe ours is a well-balanced approach to protecting human health against tick and mosquito-borne diseases as well as the environment and our beneficial insects.

If you have additional concerns or questions doctors, pediatricians and veterinarians are very familiar with these products and can help you make an informed choice for you and your family.

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