Don’t get ticked off this season — call the Squad!

Ticks are surprisingly common in the Canton, Weymouth and Hingham areas, and they can easily put your family and pets in jeopardy. Ticks are known to carry Lyme Disease and a number of other health problems that can be transmitted through a simple bite. If you have a tick problem on your property or you want to prevent one from developing in the first place, visit our page Tick Control in Canton, Weymouth and Hingham, MA.

It may seem early for ticks to begin emerging from their winter’s nap, however, ticks have begun to make their seasonal appearance. Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South has received numerous calls from residents finding ticks. With this year’s early warm-up and the projected increase in the tick population this season it is time to call the Squad! To stay tick smart visit The 6 C’s of Tick Control to learn more about making a habit of safe tick practices around your home. These easy precautions will add an extra layer of protection when used in conjunction with our tick control & prevention program.