Canton Tick Control for Pet Loving Homes

Canton tick control

If you are a pet owner, caring for your fuzzy friend is always hugely important, and your work could be cut out for you this summer. Keeping your dog happy and in good health is vital, so you should be aware of the many risks that your pet can face in the woods and in your very own backyard. During the summer, humans and dogs alike love to spend time outside after escaping the winter chill, and there is so much to enjoy! Dogs, in particular, love to bound through the yard without a care in the world. It’s amazing to see, but it is critical that you understand the various risks you and your pup face when going outside to enjoy nature’s best.

Although humans are typically conscious of the dangers that can lurk in the corners of our yards, dogs are not and will gladly go bounding through the underbrush, long grasses, and leaves that are often found around a yard’s border. As fun as it is to observe your pet having fun, there are serious risks that come with allowing your dog to do so. You may think that your property is as safe as any other, but you are probably mistaken. Throughout our region, ticks are becoming a huge problem. Unlike decades past, ticks are once again on the rise, threatening our outdoor living season.

Unfortunately, our climate is changing and making our region more habitable for ticks. It might be hard for us to notice, but even small temperature changes can aid ticks in their expansion. With a longer breeding season, ticks are a true menace to be reckoned with. Despite their tiny size, these arachnids are far more dangerous than their minuscule appearance would suggest. Due to their feeding behavior, ticks often carry diseases that can transmit to both humans and dogs. That’s right, your pet can contract Lyme disease, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and more! These diseases can cause profound health consequences in our pets, so you need to ensure you’re prepared to defend against ticks. Fortunately, professional tick control is right around the corner to help.

Trustworthy Canton tick control

Since 2005, Mosquito Squad has worked tirelessly to defend customers from ticks, and we’re still going strong. Using our barrier protection spray, we can guarantee a drastic reduction in the tick population on your property with tick treatments every 2-3 weeks. We want you and your pets to stay healthy and happy this season. Let us help you tackle your tick problem.

Your pets can also contract tick-borne diseases. To defend against such a scenario, Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South provides powerful Canto tick control treatments. Give us a call at (781) 471-5793.

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