Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes Traveling Abroad

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Living in the Northeast has many perks, but there are shortcomings, too. Mosquitoes running rampant during the summer are a nuisance for anyone, and the huge mosquito population in the region encourages the use of mosquito control measures to counteract these insects. When fall and winter come around, mosquitoes vanish along with the warmer weather, granting New England residents a respite. However, you should always keep mosquito defense on your mind, especially when traveling abroad. Why? While mosquitoes might not be on your mind during the U.S. winter, mosquitoes remain present in tropical and equatorial countries around the world. Mosquito-borne diseases are only just beginning to become more common here, yet diseases abroad have had much longer to gain a foothold in their respective regions. Thus, when traveling abroad, you need to take special care to get vaccinations and medications that will defend against mosquitoes.

Planning to get away from the cold New England winter weather in 2022? Don’t forget mosquito protection!

Nothing tops a tropical vacation in the bleak midwinter. If you are planning a trip after the holidays, you can take measures to ensure that you are protected from mosquito-borne illnesses. No matter where you go on the planet, chances are you will encounter a mosquito of some variety. However, many mosquitoes that you cross paths with abroad are harmful. In addition to the itchy bites they administer, mosquitoes in Africa, Asia, and other countries have a disturbing track record of leaving locals and travelers with diseases that can be untreatable. Humans are resilient and are clearly at the top of the global food chain, but we remain vulnerable to many other organisms. You might think that hippos, sharks, elk, crocodiles, and other large animals are responsible for the bulk of human-animal encounter casualties, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Such animals are responsible for a few hundred deaths per year, while mosquitoes and the diseases they wield kill over 2,000 people every single day. That’s over 800,000 in a year. Do not join this number. With preventative medication, vaccines, and powerful deterrents like bug repellent, take the precautions needed to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

Different mosquito-borne illnesses require different types of preparation.

Malaria, dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya, and zika virus are all serious illnesses that you need to be aware of. Treatments, however, are limited. Of these 5 diseases, only malaria and yellow fever have treatment options available. Anti-malarial drugs are the only medications you can take to try to prevent malaria, while yellow fever can be prevented with a vaccination. Each of the other diseases listed has no treatment – you simply must avoid being bitten. This is the best protection of all. With heavy-duty mosquito mist applied methodically, you have a great chance of avoiding any nasty bites.

Protect yourself at home too, with Quincy mosquito control.

The threats of mosquito-borne diseases abroad are highly concerning, but you still need to take precautions at home. West Nile and zika virus are present in the U.S., and infection rates are growing each year in the Northeast. Fortunately, Mosquito Squad has your back. Our mosquito defense treatment, known as our border protection mist, has been proven to reduce the mosquito population on your property by 85-90%, and treatments last for three weeks. We care about keeping you, your family, and your friends safe from the ravages of mosquitoes.

If you have questions about professional mosquito control, get in touch with Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South at (781) 471-5793.

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