Make Sure Your Next Outdoor Event is Mosquito Free!

This time of year, nearly everyone enjoys being outdoors. Whether it be a graduation ceremony, Memorial Day cookout, or your highly anticipated wedding, you don’t want the event ruined by biting insects. We, Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South, believe you shouldn’t have to worry about your guests being eaten alive and literally itching to leave your wedding, graduation party or cookout. If you’re looking for professional, highly effective mosquito control at your next outdoor event, Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South is the company to turn to.

The peak time of activity for mosquitoes just happens to be around dinner time. We can take these pesky bloodsuckers off your guest list and ensure that your wedding, party or cookout is enjoyed by nearly everyone. With any large outdoor event, mosquitoes will be enamored with the smell of so many people. Your outdoor event will appear as a giant all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitoes. Our barrier treatment will knock down existing mosquitoes and mosquitoes which enter the area of our barrier treatment will be knocked down also. Thus, the barrier makes it extremely difficult for mosquitoes to invade your outdoor event. Cohassett mosquito control is something we take pride in because we know how effective our solution is. We can reduce up to 85% – 90% of mosquitoes and we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

If you’re planning on an outdoor event such as a party or wedding, it’s best to book early. Our event sprays consist of 2 sprays. We will come to your home or wedding venue and perform an initial mist approximately one week prior to your event and put down an intense barrier treatment. Then, we will come back a day or two prior to your event and apply another barrier treatment to further remove any lingering mosquitoes. So please, make sure not to wait until the last minute to decide to schedule your event mist. By scheduling with us early it will help to eliminate at least one thing from your to-do-list.

To see how extremely effective Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South is at removing unwanted biting and stinging pests from your yard in anticipation of your next outdoor event, call us today at (781) 471-5793, or click the Alert the Squad button to the top right. We look forward to hearing from you!

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