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Is chronic Lyme disease real?

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Yes, chronic Lyme disease is a real condition. As with many chronic conditions, there is debate surrounding chronic Lyme.

Why is there debate about CLD? Through the years, we have learned that evidence of illness can be present for a variety of conditions, for which there is no explanation of origin. The most widely-known of these conditions is Fibromyalgia, which was fist accepted as a diagnosable condition by the American Medical Association in 1987. Recent cases of lingering *COVID-19-related illnesses have brought chronic Lyme disease to the forefront. This is good news for many CLD sufferers.

What is the doubt factor in chronic Lyme disease?

Reasons for doubt are two-fold. First, is that humans can be inherently skeptical of the intangible. Chronic Lyme is an ‘invisible illness.’ Next to that, are the two definitions of chronic Lyme disease. One defines CLD as a condition of persistent illness after a positive Lyme diagnosis – meaning that Borrelia burgdorferi infection was previously confirmed or currently exists in the patient. The second definition of chronic Lyme disease states that persistent illness exists in the patient, which could be attributed to Borrelia burgdorferi infection, but there is no evidence of past or present infection of the bacteria that cause Lyme. In these cases, it is said that doctors or patients themselves, determine that since the symptoms are consistent with confirmed cases of Borrelia burgdorferi infection, and no other diagnosable condition exists, it must be chronic Lyme. These patients are met with the most skepticism, which can lead to a lifetime of emotional suffering and alienation.

Hingham tick control is more important than ever.

The CDC says Lyme disease is vastly under-diagnosed. In 2019, there were a combined 34,954 confirmed and probable cases of Lyme disease in the United States. That number sounds staggering, but it might surprise you to know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also state that actual annual case numbers could be ten times that amount. Hingham tick control has never been more crucial for the health and wellbeing of your family.

Lyme disease advocates continue to petition for more Federal funding of Lyme research and prevention, as it is the most prevalent vector-borne illness in the country. On July 8, twelve U.S. senators wrote an appeal to the Senate Appropriations Committee, stating, “There are still many questions surrounding Lyme and other tick-borne diseases due to significant gaps in funding and research.” For those, who suffer with CLD, research findings could validate their experience, and give them hope for better quality of life.

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*If you believe you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or believe that you could be sick due to a bite from an infected tick, seek immediate medical attention.

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