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Tips to Ensure Protection from Mosquito Attacks

With the release of Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1987, an enthrallment with vampires transpired. Bloodsuckers in real life, however, are quite another story. Besides the itchy bug bite received by mosquitoes, there are deadly diseases that have also been encountered, thanks to these vermin, causing millions of deaths around the world.

Mosquitoes are not directly responsible for human death, but they are the carriers of diseases that do. Their bite is essentially a needle entering skin for the mosquito to obtain blood. However, they leave behind an anti-coagulant in the wound they just created. For the mosquitoes carrying a pathogen, the victim could be infected, beginning the escalation of disease. Yellow fever, dengue, and malaria are three examples of diseases commonly transmitted by mosquitoes. To avoid contracting diseases as a result of exposure to these bugs, a mosquito protection measure should be taken, and taken seriously.

Since the larvae of mosquitoes are aquatic in nature, their eggs are laid in non-moving water. While some species of mosquito larvae can take as many as 40 days to mature, some can be ready for action in as little as 5 days. For this reason, the first step in controlling this insect population is to limit or eliminate the amount of stagnant water. Whether these water sources are from recent rains or water built up inside containers or flowerpots, it needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Because there are so many ways for water to collect in a yard, homeowners should take care to clean up yard waste, which can create random puddles, and even tarps stretched out as a covering. Tighten these to avoid accumulation of water and aid in the reduction of mosquito havens.

For severe infestations of mosquitoes, homeowners should seek the advice and assistance of the experts. Companies such as Mosquito Squad are just the right choice for these situations. Not only eliminating any and all winged pests, they can also install outdoor mosquito control systems. These systems will periodically mist your outdoor space with pest repellant, keeping you and your family safe.

These mosquitoes are far more deadly than vampires, and humans should be more attuned to the threat that actually exists by coming into contact with these creatures. Take serious measures to control the number of mosquitoes you come into contact with, and if all else fails – call an exterminator.