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Professional Mosquito Repellent Techniques to Effectively Manage the Menace

Of all household pests, mosquitoes are by far the most annoying ones. They feed on the blood of live vertebrates, mostly human beings. Apart from the irritating itch and bumps that they cause on the skin, these mosquitoes can carry a number of extremely dangerous diseases that are, and often have been, fatal to many. The American Mosquito Control Association has estimated that at least a million deaths are caused each year, just by mosquitoes. A range of diseases like malaria, dengue, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, and yellow fever are transmitted by mosquitoes.

The United States alone has about 170 species of mosquitoes. That is truly a lot of mosquitoes. All of these are perfectly capable of infecting you with a variety of diseases that can be moderately to extremely harmful.

Stagnating water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, and the littlest amount of it is enough. You may not even realize it, but there may be mosquitoes breeding in your backyard right at this moment, putting your entire family at risk. Here is one pesky situation you absolutely cannot take any chances with. It is therefore best to seek the services of an exterminator such as Mosquito Squad, the professional mosquito control services that can be relied on.

Mosquitoes lay eggs on stagnant water. Larvae emerge from the hatching eggs and turn into pupae. Soon enough, each pupa turns into a full-fledged mosquito capable of laying about a billion eggs in under a month. So the equation is clear. If stagnant water was taken out of it, there would be no breeding ground for mosquitoes and you would have much less to worry about. However, you may not always know where mosquitoes have found their breeding ground. Often, it could be too late before you find out.

In such a situation, what you need is professional mosquito control services that effectively eliminate the menace for you. These professionals know how to spot breeding grounds and destroy them.

Professional mosquito control doesn’t stop there, however. Our team uses some really innovative techniques, such as installing automated backyard mosquito control systems that release our special mist a couple of times every day based on a preset schedule. This in particular is a very smart way to keep the bugs out of your property for good.

It is true that not all mosquitoes are carriers of fatal diseases; however, you really can’t take a chance. You have to positively keep each one out to ensure the complete safety of your family. Make sure that you contact Mosquito Squad as soon as you feel the need for it.